RFI Requests

What is this survey about?

The municipal property assessor is required to confirm specific property information in order to complete assessments on behalf of your municipality. This information has always been required, and we are implementing innovative industry methods to collect it in an efficient manor. The information will be used to update and to check the accuracy of what is currently on the record.

How was this information collected in the past?

Historically this type of information was being obtained via drive by inspections, site visits, blueprint reviews, permitting information, phone calls and MLS listings.

Why not continue with the previous methods?

As homeowners have become more and more concerned with privacy and protection of their homes. We are finding that they are not receptive of cold call style property visits. Response to knocking on doors and leaving calling cards has diminished greatly over recent years. The thought is that this type of survey will be less intrusive and still enable the assessor to obtain important information required for this very important municipal function.

Am I legally required to fill this out?

This survey is being conducted under Authority of the provinces Municipal Government Act which states that an assessed person must provide the information if requested. Choosing not to comply will mean that the assessor will be required to make certain assumptions about your property and/or conduct more in depth onsite inspections.

What is this information being used for and how is it being managed?

The information collected via this survey is being used exclusively for assessment purposes to update and enhance the information that is currently on the assessment record. (ie: number of bathrooms, fireplaces, basement finish, renovations, etc). It will not be used or distributed for any other purpose.

How will this effect my property taxes?

Property taxes may change annually for a multitude of reasons such as real estate market conditions, physical changes to your property, municipal revenue requirements, provincial revenue requirements, etc. If this survey identifies significant changes to the physical status of your property from what was previously on the record it could impact your taxes. However this would have occurred with or without the survey.

How often will this sort of survey be conducted?

We anticipate sending this type of survey once every 4 or 5 years.

Are other municipality’s using this method of data collection?

Yes, this method of data collection is becoming standard in municipality’s throughout the province.