Client Services

KCL is committed to providing all aspects of municipal assessment services to our clients. Utilizing Compass assessment software, we provide comprehensive assessment services to numerous municipalities throughout Alberta.

Licensed land agent services are also available through our firm, providing negotiation, pre-site assessment, project management, hearing representation and much more.


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Property Tax Assessment Consulting


  • single family
  • multi family
  • vacant land


  • commercial
  • industrial
  • vacant land
  • regulated railway valuation


  • regulated soil series valuation
  • regulated soil group valuation
  • regulated pasture lands valuation

Regulated Machinery and Equipment:

  • oilfield facilities
  • oil & gas equipment
  • manufacturing and processing facilities
  • forest product facilities
  • specialty plant
  • coal mines
  • agricultural facilities
  • oil and gas plant processing facilities

Defend Assessment:

  • defend assessments for all types of assessable property
  • hearing representation
  • expert witness testimony

CAMA System Processing:

  • CAMALot beta tester
  • assessment audit and inventory review
  • GIS-CAMA System integration


Specialized Consulting

Special Projects:

  • digital photo projects
  • digital sketch projects
  • appraisal services
  • project management
  • property inspection and data collection
  • licensed petroleum land agent services
  • exempt property reviews
  • well drilling tax review
  • aerial photo procurement
  • marshall & swift cost conversions

Linear Property Assessment Audits
Well and Pipeline:

  • transmission and distribution pipeline
  • gas distribution systems
  • wells

Electric Power Systems:

  • coal power generation facilities
  • gas power generation facilities
  • biomass power generation facilities
  • wind power generation facilities
  • power transmission and distribution lines

Telecommunications Systems:

  • telecom equipment
  • telecom transmission and distribution line
  • cell phone tower and equipment
  • cable TV equipment
  • cable TV transmission and distribution line